Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kreider Receives Eight Stitches Near Eye

According to Adam Kimelman at, Rangers 2009 1st round pick Chris Kreider sustained a gash next to his left eye from a skate that needed eight stitches during Team USA's 6-3 victory over Sweden during Team USA's junior evaluation camp.

The injury is not serious as Kreider is back in the lineup today against Finland.

...couple of inches over and this kid's career could have been over. You forget sometimes how dangerous it is to be skating around on razor sharp pieces of medal. Just ask Del Zotto.

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Chris said...

This is exactly why I really give guys credit for not wearing masks. Even those who wear visors take an extra risk.

I tried playing a pick-up game a couple months ago and took my cage off to see if I liked it. I was terrified... I actually managed to take a butt-end to the cheek towards the end.

Needless to say, I went home and promptly put my cage back on.

Dan W said...

Glad he's ok. Kid needs both eyes if he's gonna be skating as fast as he does

LI Joe said...

they should all be wearing the birdcage masks

chef dave said...

Anything near the eye is scary. Remember Bryan Berard?