Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rangers Hope Minor Fixes Make Big Difference

Dave Lozo at reviews the Rangers offseason moves and says this about the team's outlook...

"The Rangers appear to be in the same place they were last season. They are a good but not great team that remains dangerous thanks to having an elite goaltender in Lundqvist. But considering how close they were to making the playoffs last season, there's no reason to believe the additions of Biron, Frolov and White can't make up that small difference that kept the Rangers out of the postseason."

Lozo thinks Artem Anisimov, Michael Del Zotto and Evgeni Grachev are the Rangers three up-and-coming to watch.

...nothing really ground breaking from Lozo here. Pretty much just a review of the Rangers offseason transactions.

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deathface. said...

come on islander troll where are you? you are slackin! isnt it your life's work to constantly comment on ranger blogs?

Rick said...

I kinda agree that we are basically on the outside looking in if everyone has the same degree of success. Where I believe we take a step forward is that both MDZ and Gilroy will be more responsible in their own zones this time around. Not sold on MZA but it would be an extra if he produces along the lines of AA in his rookie season(provided he makes the club) White not too sure if he is around or even healthy, so it will be a difficult to factor him into the lineup and production. Does Dru has the opportunity to play an offensive role this year and contribute? Do these forward steps outstep the teams like Atl/TBL/Ott that made good moves forward as well? I just don't see it being sufficient enough, hope I am wrong.