Thursday, August 26, 2010 Raffle Winners Announced

A few weeks back I posted that one of the blog sponsors,, was sponsoring a raffle and giving away two prizes: a XL Hockey Jersey Display Case and a 20 Hockey Puck Display Case.

Well, because of the overwhelming response they added a Sport Card's Display Case as well.

And the winners are...

John Haley - Large Hockey Jersey Display Case
Doug Engler - 20 Hockey Puck Display Case
Ken Donnelly -Sport Card's Display Case

Also ANY reader who would like a COUPON for FREE SHIPPING + 20% off your whole order, please email:

He will send you a coupon code. This is a great coupon as they never offer two types of discounts and this is only being offered for my readers.

As for the main winners please send an email to with the email address you entered the raffle with. Please include the choice of color, your shipping address and contact information. Also if you want you can choose any other item from their website for equal or lesser value. If you wish not to have that item. Please email them with specifications or visit:


HairBowHolders.Info said...

Does anyone received the coupon code for free shipping and 20% off? I never received a reply to my email to sfdisplay. Thanks!

Kevin DeLury said...

Did you ever receive a response? If not e-mail me