Thursday, August 19, 2010

Frolov's Playing for His NHL Future

Wes Goldstein at CBS Sports takes a look at 11 contract year players who need to make their moves this year including Ranger newcomer Alexander Frolov...

Alexander Frolov: He's a talented forward who many believe can get better, even if Frolov has had a couple of 30-goal seasons and five more with at least 20 in seven years with the Kings. But Los Angeles is building something special and really didn't want the 28-year-old around. So Frolov was left to walk and drew more interest from KHL teams than NHL clubs. The Rangers took a $3 million chance for one year. Frolov could turn out to be a steal for New York, or he could be in for a long year under coach John Tortorella. Either way, he's playing for his NHL future.

...i'm in the camp of Frolov having a comeback season. He has too much to lose not to be at his best. The fact that the Rangers were the only team interested this off-season shows that the league is down on him, so if he wants that big contract next year he's going to have to prove he deserves it.

Goldstein also lists former Rangers Nikolai Zherdev (PHI) and Chris Higgins (FLA).

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AnnoyingJoe said...

So Wes is saying that Frolov's going to have a good year or a bad year. Thanks for the insight, CBS.

Anonymous said...

Frolov is going to score 20 goals. He and Gaborik are gonna carry the team offensively, but contribute nothing defensively. Really, a terrible signing.

Rick said...

Frolov will be an interesting subject this year. While I think that he and Gaborik will find decent chemistry, I am having a problem with the centers on this team and mainly the skillset to anchor the 1st unit. Because of this I really don't see how Frolov will be given the opportunity to fully use his talents.