Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Blogger #23: Does Sather's Patch Up Job Work?

By Richie

Instead of writing a long blog about how I feel about this team and the signings/trades lets take a look at the lines for next year.

I'm upset the Rangers younger forwards won't get a chance to make the team. With the resigning of Prospal, Christensen, and the trade for White, the Rangers really took away any chance of the younger guys making the team on the 3rd and 4th lines. Frolov was a great signing to sure up the weak offense.

The following lines is what I would like to see..

Frolov - Prospal - Gaborik
Duby - A.A - Callahan
Avery -White - Drury
Prust - Boyle - Boogey Man

4th Line vs non tough teams
Prust - Christensen - Mats Zuccarello/Byers

Extra Forwards:
Mats Zuccarello

Del Zotto - Staal
Rosy - Girardi
Ryan McDonagh - Steve Eminger/Gilroy

This year I really want to see A.A get more playing time and see if he can play as a scoring center.

I think Frolov and Gabby might be broken up in order to spread the threat throughout the lineup, even though having them on the same line will open up more room for Gabby.

Its really time for Duby, Cally and A.A to step it up and become a scoring line we need. The third line can also become a good scoring line with a good defensive presence.

The 4th line will only be getting a couple minutes a game, but they'll bring a lot of size and toughness.

Prospal is getting old and may not be able to play on a daily basis which Christensen can fill in.

A rebound season for Rozy and Del Zotto having a year under his belt could prove key to the Rangers defense. If McDonagh has a strong camp and either Eminger or Gilroy step up, the Rangers can really have a solid D. A lot of "ifs" though.

The Rangers can actually have a solid team, I'm not sure about a top 5 finish but I definitely see them fighting for the 6-8 spot for the playoffs.

At the deadline I can see them adding Richards from the Stars and maybe a veteran defenseman for the playoff push. They still need to give a lot of their top forward prospects more time to develop.

In a way this lineup isn't a bad patch up job while we give the young guys more time to develop.

However, it sucks for Byers, Weise and Dupont because I don't see any room for them this year.

Hopefully the team comes together, anyone have any suggestions for the lines?


Bob said...

Wow another freakin regurgitation...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz dude those young players need to be ready and having veteren players isn't such a bad idea to allow for a smooth transition..Man this one was pointless

Kevin DeLury said...

In all fairness to the guest bloggers a lot of the posts were submitted before I started putting them up so they had no idea what the other posts were going to be about.

Jack said...

Fail. MZA FTW. He should be given about two months as a top six forward.

Mattias said...

I'd def like to see MZA on second line. White should just be backup imo...

Anonymous said...

MZA was the leading scorer and the consensus best player in the Swedish Elite League the third best league in the world. You guys are not giving frodo from modo enough credit. He will help this team.

William said...

i envision a ton of plasticity to the lineup in the first month. in fact, nothing except for Gabby's role as starting right wing is certain right now. therefore, a lot of the young guys will eventually have a chance. It's not as if the likes of Byers, Weise, et al are top tier prospects, nor have they have been touted as NHL ready.
And like Bob said, should they prove themselves ready, it doesn't hurt to have these veterans installed as transition cogs. Anisimov, Dubinsky, Callahan comprise a solid young core, but we should expect to see one or two of those other guys come up for injury or underperfomance.

Also, this guest blogger seems a bit off, precluding Christensen from a top 3 center spot.

William said...

actually, itll be interesting to see how they spot the top 3 center positions. I do believe White will get a legit chance to fill in the 1 or 2 spot. Depends how Prospal looks on the top line w/ Frolov, assuming they pair him with Gabby. That leaves potential centers, Dube, Christensen, Drury, Anisimov.
You have to think they will continue to develop Artem in the center, likely on the 3rd line to start. I see Christensen and Dubey on the same line with either centering, but I'm confused about Prospal and Drury's role.

obviously, much depends on training camp and Torts' fickle will.

Rob Y said...

Dubi will be playing wing this year so scratch him from center. Also it is nice to kind of guess who is gonna play where. I see you left redden off that d list but its also way to early to assume he will be sent to hartford, it would be a great thing but dreams don't come true too often. One thing you can bank on is one, gaborik will be obviously first line but every other spot is up in the air, there was zero chemistry last year so you know the lines will definitly not be the same and two, I still think anismov is torts first choice this year to center gaborik and if it doesn't work out hell drop to number two center, the kid needs some serious minutes, he scored 13 goals with pretty limited ice time and being tossed around a lot. Way to many question marks with this team right now and its gonna be interesting to see what happens

Gary said...

How does Christensen go from our #1 center last season to not in the lineup? Brian Boyle beats him out for a roster spot... are you nuts?
Is anyone using logic and reason when they put these lines together?

LI Joe said...

too many players listed. roster limit is 23 and very unlikely they'll go that high more likely 21 or 22 due to cap which is also why redden won't make the team.

see another dangerous trend. too many overhyping AA just like was done with dubinsky. let the guy procve himself before you put him on 1st 2 lines in ink no less

Rob Y said...

He could hve proved himself last season as a second line center but torts kept tossing wingers around

Rob Y said...

And never underestimate the to drag(sarcasm)

Rob Y said...

Edit: toe* drag

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey bob, since you have so much to offer what would you like the lines to be? Who said Vet players are a bad idea? "In a way this lineup isn't a bad patch up job while we give the young guys more time to develop."


Anonymous said...

dude are you high? christensen and MZA extras? cmon now. white and boogard will be extras if anything

hd dangler