Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TheNYRBlog Banner Contest

Ok since you guys are so in love with the new banner I have decided to do a contest to design a custom banner for the blog.

Here are the guidelines: it must say The New York Rangers Blog - Doing the dirty work in front of the net for Ranger fans, be 980px × 135px, and in a jpeg or gif format.

Please submit designs to my e-mail: by September 3rd.

I will post the entries on the blog every day to get your opinions to help make my decision easier.

Sorry no prize for this one other than having your hard work displayed every day on the most informative New York Rangers blog on the web.

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Jack said...


Puck Central said...

Good luck Kevin. There are plenty of talented people out there, hopefully you get one that you are happy with.

It really does add something to the blog to have a professional looking banner.

Kevin DeLury said...

Thanks PC. Hopefully mine is half as good as yours turned out.

Anonymous said...

what happened to home of the gnome?

Kevin DeLury said...

Anon, if you put together a banner with that motto and it wins I will have no problem putting it up. But it only goes for you.

Upstate Joe said...

Kevin, I'm sorry. I think the site (visually) took a step back. Seems too amateur.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with upsate Joe. Please change it back and keep the banner contest.

The content is still amazing! Keep up the good work.

Kevin DeLury said...

Joe, I got the old font back so maybe that will help.

I needed to add the new bar on the right had side as the one on the left was getting way too crowded.