Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shanahan Leads NHL Research Camp

I've been negligent on posting about this but former Ranger and current NHL's Vice President of Hockey and Business Operations Brendan Shanahan has been heading the NHL's Research Camp this week in an attempt to try-out different rule changes with prospects.

Some of the new rule proposals include:
*Hybrid icing rule
*No line change for team committing an offside
*Crease reset rule
*Face-off variation (face-off controlled by whistle in place of traditional puck drop)
*Overtime: three minutes of 4-of-4, three minutes of 3-on-3, three minutes of 2-on-2, followed by shootout (5 players per team).
*Bigger crease
*Verification goal line (additional line situated behind the goal line)
*Wider blue lines
*Line changes zone in front of each bench
*Face-off variations (infringement results in the offending player moving back further, three face-off dots down the middle of the ice)
*No icing the puck while shorthanded
*OT - three minutes of 4-on-4, three minutes of 3-on-3, three minutes of 2-on-2 with long line changes; followed by three shooters per team in the shootout (if tied after three shots, then players who have shot previously can shoot again)

For everything going on this week check out the NHL's Camp Research Blog. For pictures from the camp with some of the changes click here.

...i don't really like any of the ideas except for maybe the no icing the puck while shorthanded. That's very intriguing.

...the one I absolutely hate is the three face-off dots down the middle of the ice (see pic from Chris Johnson above, via Puck Daddy). Huh?

...almost all of these rules will significantly alter the game of hockey. Did I miss something? I love the sport the way it is. Please, I beg you Gary do not ruin the game I am so passionate about.

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John said...

these are some things that should be implemented.

IF a goalie ices the puck (delay of game).

OT 3 on 3 for 5 min. then shootout 3 people per team

Deliberate off-sides does not allow line change.

Rick said...

becoming a sport of gimmicks. What a shame.

Andrew_794 said...

i seriously hate this crap....i agree with rick, its a gimmick...its ruining the integrity of a game thats been around since the 1880s (around then) im down for the no touch icing as it would prevent players from being injuried in races. but im so sick of trying to find ways of scoring to get up...why dont we just throw away the goalies and have open nets to shoot on? thatll get scoring up in the league...patheticc

John said...

I say go back to the old crease and get rid of the no puck playing area for goalies. Let them play the puck all they want, but if they do so outside the crease, they are fair game just like any other player.

koz said...

I'm cool with no touch icing. I've seen a ton of ECHL games with no touch icing and it really doesn't take anything away from the game.

Also like the idea of 3v3 in OT. Anything to eliminate the skills competition after an OT tie. Along those lines I'd also like to see them make all games worth 3 points. 3 for a regulation win, 2 for an OT win and 1 point if you get to OT.

John said...

idea for OT...

Have a 3 on 3 5min OT. winner gets 2 points, loser gets 0. if it goes into a shootout, winner gets 1

AnnoyingJoe said...

Why the hell would you need wider blue-lines?

Ricks right. Bettman tinkers way too much.

The shhootout is a joke. How do you decide a team sport with a skills competition? Remember when winning in regulation meant something?

Eliminate the shootout. Regulation win 3pts. Ot win 2 points, Ot loss 1 pt. If tie after Ot 1pt each team.

AnnoyingJoe said...

oh crap koz, i didnt read ur comment. Well, I agree with koz.

chris said...
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chris said...

with all the marginal too many men on the ice penalties in the playoffs - some helping to decide games- I wouldn't be surprised if the line change zone in front of the bench rule gets tested.

some of these other ideas remind me of recent golf tournaments where players were eliminated for some really petty stuff