Friday, August 13, 2010

Girardi's Glad Core is Back Together

In a feature at, Dan Girardi had this to say about the Rangers keeping their core together...

"There are a couple of new faces, but I'm also glad the main group is still together," said Girardi. "We can try to jell and improve every season going forward."

...anyone who thinks chemistry isn't important should go back and look at all the interviews I've posted this offseason. In every one the player interviewed says how happy they are that the main core of players is back.

...after years of changing the entire roster, I'm sure it will be refreshing for the players to have familiarity with each other coming into camp.

Girardi also discusses how happy he is to re-sign with the Rangers.

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1 comment:

Rick said...

Totally agree 14 new faces last year was a bit much. How do you develop anything with constant turnover of players. Its just not the constant turnover, its turnover with no production. Glad to see only a handfull this year so far.