Thursday, August 12, 2010

Callahan Likes to Golf (Updated)

Updated, 3:56 p.m.:
In other ridiculously useless news, today is Sam Rosen's birthday. Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Original Post:
From @thenyrangers...

Caught up with #NYR RW Ryan Callahan. Said his fav sport to play in the off-season is golf, fav sport to watch is baseball (@Yankees)less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

...i officially can't wait for the season to start after posting something like this.

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Andrew_794 said...

someone pass me a gun please...

hockey needs to start soon or im going to lose it.

Bryan said...

Cally must be a pretty good player after all the practice him in the entire franchise have gotten over the last 16 years.

Man I can't wait for this team to be a serious contender again!

john said...

golf and baseball....ugh...kevin, im with you..let the season start already

Hutch said...

Haven't these boys heard of summer hockey? or the fact that man who can't take a hit play golf?
lol just kidding...but seriously whats with these NHL boys and Golf. It's the most boring game ever second to chess.

Hey NY Blog, can yah check out my blog? It'll feature a post about hockey this week.
But I'm trying to spread the series I'm working on about school bullying