Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Del Zotto Picks Coke In the Taste Test Challenge

@thenyrangers tweets out this photo of Michael Del Zotto during a photo shoot for Coke Zero...

...look at Del Zotto selling out to the man. Assuming we're going to be seeing this commercial on Gardenvision all season long at MSG.

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chef dave said...

hey, don't bust stones for selling out to the man...this kid could take one wrong step in front of a cab tomorrow, blow out a knee & it's all over.

Chris said...

Good! Coke > Pepsi

Kevin DeLury said...

c'mon chef I'm totally joking.

Dan W said...

He is what, 20? I wanna be rich

Pete J said...

Hey, he's gotta pay for that new apartment somehow!!

Jeff said...

Donovan pepsis better ... and I might call that selling out. I say smart move, make as much as he can while he can

Jack said...

Here's something random for 'ya...looking at these lines I'd say the team has improved.

Blueshirt Bulletin's line predictions for *2009-10* season:

Higgins - Dubinsky - Gaborik

Prospal - Drury - Kotalik

Lisin - Anisimov - Callahan

Brashear - Boyle - Voros

Staal - Girardi

Redden - Rozsival

Gilroy - Del Zotto

AnnoyingJoe said...

Good job Jack.

Who could have thought Higgins was going to be such a bust?

Amazingly, 12 of 18 are returning (not including Redden.)

The 4th lines going to vastly improve, if only for the departure of Brashear. Hope Prust keeps it up and Boogie can at least skate.

Frolov plugged into that 2nd line is an improvement...

Going to be interesting

chef dave said...

Do they sell coke or pepsi @ msg these days?

icycup said...

annoying joe, i agree. gonna be cool to see frolov on the 2nd line. lets just hope thats where he is so that the offense is spread out.

start. season. now. please.