Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guest Blogger #24: Heir to the throne?

By Seniorpumas38

Ranger fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to goaltending, at least not for the next 10 years or so.

But who will take over between the pipes after Hank retires?

Let's take a look at the possible replacements that are up and coming, or could be traded for.

First up is Chad Johnson who we've already see play and win.

Known for his calm demeanor between the pipes he's already stolen the starting job in Hartford from Matt Zaba, who at this point is a backup at best.

Johnson's got alot of talent, he's athletic when he needs to be, and has great positioning but still has to mature for another year or so before he's ready.

Further down the line you have goalies Cam Talbot and Scott Stajcer both who had great seasons on not so great teams.

Both goalies face a large amount of shots, take on heavy workloads and manage to post respectable numbers. Both are incredibly hard working, and compete every game, often being the difference maker.

Expect to see Stajcer, who seems a little further along, to make a push for either a backup or even the starting job in Hartford.

Other prospects around the league that if acquired that could take over for Hank are Mike Murphy, Jacob Markstrom, and even Dustin Tokarski.

Murphy owned by Carolina is one of the most athletic goalie prospects out there, he doesn't have great size, but has alot of skill and employs an exciting unorthodox style of goaltending.

Tokarski, Tampa property, is a little more technical than Murphy, has good size and was really good in the 2009 World Juniors helping Team Canada win the gold.

Marsktrom can be compared to 'The King' in the way he plays. He's a Swedish goaltender with probably the brightest future out of the three. He has an incredible butterfly and will most likely take over in Florida in the coming years.

I personally would like to see the Rangers trade for either Markstrom or newly drafted goalie Jack Campbell (Dallas Stars) a great young goaltender who can make amazing saves, is athletic, has great positioning, competes hard and can steal games. He's also a good leader on the ice and in the locker.

Who'd you guys like to see take over for Hank after he retires?


Evan S said...

I don't think anyone of these guys is the answer. I think the closest is Stajer, but personally I believe that they will draft Hank's replacement within the next 2-3 years, which will give him 3-5 years to work his way up and start seeing NHL action once Hank is up around 33 or 34

AnnoyingJoe said...

Its alot to assume that they will be able to simply draft someone to replace Henrik, But I guess thats the plan.

The good thing about having henrik is that they havent had to use 1st round picks on goalies, and can bide there time over the next 2-3 years, as evan said, and snag a good prospect with a 1st rounder.

Anonymous said...

Zaba is not a candidate to be a backup. He's playing in Bolzano now.

Alex said...

I don't see anyone within the organisation being able to take over from Hank. My money's on a trade for a younger 'starter' a few years down the line.

rangerfreak1994 said...

I think the Rangers made a mistake not selecting Jack Campbell in the first round of this years draft.

seniorpumas38 said...

like i wrote i thought the rangers best bet would have been jack campbell, i mean its hard to think of someone who can replace hank but iwould have picked him over the other guys. As for rangers prospects id say stajcer's definately the closest

AndrewFS said...

the guy has another 7-10 solid years remaining and you guys are worrying about replacing him already .. the guy is a natural athlete in peak physical form . he will be our goalie for a long time.. and by the time he is ready to pass the torch im almost certain none of the guys you all mentioned will be in the picture any more..

Ace said...

It is too soon to be thinking about who is going to replace the king. I agree with some of you guys. That someone is probably not even known to us yet. Someone to carry the load in the short term if Henrik gets injured (knock on wood) would be more appropriate for the time. Biron for now fits the bill in my opinion.

chef dave said...

AndrewFS, Evan & Ace are right. Don't waste an early pick now on someone who will peak too soon. Maybe a first rounder in 2013 when Henrik will be 31. If said draftee is 18 then he could develop for 4 years (about right for a goalie) and could then slide in when Henrik is 35ish, ideally see back up duty for a year or 2. Lets just hope it doesn't get awkward (see Boston)

seniorpumas38 said...

i wrote this in a what if scenario, in no way do i see hank passing the torch until hes well into his 30s, that being said i did this based on who right now if needed in a couple of years, could step in for hank