Friday, August 13, 2010

Fan Blog Roundup

Jess Rubenstein at The Prospect Park tries to build a Rangers team out of draft picks and prospect free agents.

In the wake of James Dolan re-hiring Isiah Thomas, Scotty Hockey looks at other possible Dolan re-hirings for the Rangers.

Inferno at the Rangers Review feels the Blueshirts have done their best to put together a championship caliber team…for the Hartford Wolfpack.

Puck Central continues their "Getting To Know The Newest Rangers" series with MZA.

Greg Caggiano at From New York to San Francisco wonders where all the openings for the youngsters Glen Sather has been talking about are.

Rose over at the Henrik Lundqvist Blog has pics of the Rangers goaltender at his Gold in the Net Hockey School this summer.

Do you think Sean Avery and Avatar’s Sam Worthington look alike? DJ over at does.

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Jack said...


Richter> said...

An interesting intervew/story about Kreider:

Kevin DeLury said...

Thanks Richter. Just posted it.

Kevin H. said...

The first time I saw Avatar I definitely thought Worthington looked like Avery.

Henrik Lundqvist Blog said...

I noticed the resemblance too. It is uncanny how much Avery looks like Worthington!