Sunday, August 22, 2010

Staal Not Likely To Get Offer Sheet from Another Team

In response to a question on why a team in the East hasn't extended an offer sheet to Marc Staal forcing the Rangers to match it and make a roster move to stay under the cap, Adam Proteau at The Hockey News says...

" seems clear after five years that, for better or worse, GMs are reticent to use offer sheets as weapons.

There’s been only one offer sheet to an RFA this summer (Chicago’s Niklas Hjalmarsson) and that bid (four years and $14 million, courtesy of the San Jose Sharks) was summarily matched by the Blackhawks.

Unless there’s a change in the next CBA, the only way teams will surrender a valued asset like Staal is if naked pictures of team executives are involved."

...maybe teams aren't extending an offer sheet because they know the Rangers will have to send Redden to Hartford to get Staal under the cap making the Blueshirts a significantly better team. all seriousness, I hate that this has dragged on for so long, but I expect something will be done before camp opens up on September 17th.

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chris said...

the only way a team gets staal with an offer sheet is with an offer of over 6 mil or so,..... the compensation is 4 first round draft picks..... be my guest

William said...

this negotiation is getting to be absurd. Marc, take the 4/4.25 million per and shut up

bklyn rich said...

I Agree The Longer He Drags This On The More People Will Naturally Expect From Him.
He Better Hit Like Beukeboom With Some Sprinkles Of Leetch In His Play. Ha!

LI Joe said...

william whats with the shut up on staal. he's not saying anything