Saturday, August 28, 2010

Staal's Priority Is to Finalize Deal with Rangers

Marc Staal's agent agent Paul Krepelka of the Orr Hockey Group said this to Craig Constance of the Sporting News about negotiations with the Rangers...

“The report of an offer sheet is absolutely unfounded and our priority and focus is on finalizing a deal with the Rangers,” Krepelka wrote in an e-mail to Sporting News.

...i look high and low for every piece of Ranger news and I've never seen that an offer sheet had been sent to Staal. You'd think, if true, a beat writer would have already reported on it.

..i don't know about you, but I'm starting to get sick of these no real information Staal negotiation articles.

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KCinMN said...

No one reported the offer sheet, so agent must've thrown that detail out there to gain leverage with negotiations.

Com'on SATHER, sign Staal already! D corp without Staal will be very very soft and swiss cheesy.

Dan W said...

Like Ive been saying, Im not worried. He will be signed. Sather isnt a total complete 100% moron. Right?