Monday, August 16, 2010

While I Was at the Museum

Sorry for the lack of updates today. Hit the Museum of Natural History with the family.

The Hockey News thinks Artem Anisimov will have a breakout season.

E.J. Hradek at looks at what's next for Marc Staal. (FYI, you need to have ESPN Insider to read, which I don't have).

Jess Rubenstein at The Prospect Park tells us what he expects out of the Rangers prospects in training camp.

@thenyrangers gives us a pic from the Rangers rock video. Which apparenty is a band covering the goal song.

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bklyn rich said...

Can Someone Tell Me What Brian Boyles Role Is On This Team.Torts
Preaches"Beating Out" players In This Orginization..Never Hear His Name Mentioned ... Or Am I Missing Something? He's Quick/Good Hands For His Size But That's About It.
Don't See Him Improving At All Over Last Season.
Are They Just Content W/Him & His Style?

Hutch said...

I just covered the Goal song a couple nights ago. The museum of natural history....I hate you!
Only because I want to visit it.
Did ya have fun?

LI Joe said...

boyle is cheap and would be perfect as a black ace. aka guy sitting out in case of injuries. don't want to waste a prime prospect in that role and he's actually cheaper cap wise than many of the ahlers on hartford if they were in nhl

Jack said...

Boyle & Co. were able to keep the puck buried against the boards by working the corners and whatnot pretty well last year. I guess he's good for killing time...definitely doesn't play like he's 6'7"! 250!

Kevin DeLury said...

I just can't see a scenario where Boyle makes the team out of camp. If the fourth line center spot is available I'd rather see guys like Byers, Weise or Dupont get the chance.

LI Joe said...


boyle makes a lot more sense as 21st or 22nd guy instead of a prospect. cheaper and won't stifle his development