Saturday, August 21, 2010

Del Zotto: It's My Job to Get the Power Play Going

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes was able to talk with Michael Del Zotto about what fans should expect from him during his sophomore season...

“It’s my job to get the power play going,” Del Zotto said. “I’ve got to take a little more responsibility in that regard because I’m the one carrying the puck up the ice and I have to make the right decisions. We got off to a hot start and then teams started recognizing what we were doing and started changing what they do against us. They’ll do the same this season and it’s a matter of quick reactions to keep the power play going consistently. If we can, it’ll make a world of difference…Off the top of my head, I can remember five or six games where we had opportunities to either tie the game or go up and we don’t capitalize and they end up scoring. They get the momentum from the big penalty kill and it kills us.”

...the power play has to be better than it was after the hot start last season. A decent power play could have led to at least five more wins. Which would have easily put the Rangers in the playoffs.

...with a seasoned Del Zotto and adding Frolov I expect the Blueshirts power play to be much improved.

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Evan K said...

Maybe MDZ should be worrying more about his plus minus as the article mentions here:|NHL|home

theking said...

I agree with Evan K that he needs to work on his defensive game and improve that plus minus. But his offensive skills are so good that it covers up his flaws. Im really excited to see our powerplay this year with the addition of Frolov and like Kevin said a seasoned MDZ. If this team struggles to score goals even strength a great powerplay could boost us into the playoffs.

Rick said...

Although I hate the +-, it kinda tells the picture when held in perspective for the whole season; but just not on an individual game. Being the 3rd worst defensive player(as reported by the +-) in the league leaves alot of room for improvement.
One would hope that his work ethic includes playing a responsible defense with the occasional PP thrown in.