Monday, August 2, 2010

Gaborik's New Nickname: The Tailor's coverage of a Slovakian hockey awards program includes this picture of Marian Gaborik sewing during the ceremony.

The article also states that Gaborik studied tailoring in school.

...i'm actually at a loss for words. Tailoring?!?!?

...h/t to @tammys.

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Dan W said...

He looks so happy lol. He probably has some fond memories of tailoring. I love all the pics of players being themselves in the offseason.

caywow said...

That is awesome in a very fun way.

The video makes me want to throw up, but around 2:00, you can watch him sit down and do his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he can make some shwanky pieces for Lundqvist :p

Jake R. said...

He literally threads the needle with his shots! Lol