Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lundqvist's Knee Bothered Him Late in the Season

Henrik Lundqvist told Steve Zipay of Newsday today that his knee was bothering him for the last month of the season...

"The inside of my knee was bothering me for the last month of the season," the Rangers goaltender told Newsday Thursday. "The outside had bothered me before, and this time it was the inside. I had it taped and started getting other treatment right after the season. Nothing invasive, mostly rest. Now I've been skating two or three times a week without equipment."

Lundqvist adds that if the knee bothers him again in mid-August he'll get a cortisone shot.

This is the second report this spring regarding Lundqvist's knee.

Lundqvist also talked MZA and Zipay was also able to catch-up with Avery.

...Lundqvist's knees have always been a concern as he has taken cortisone shots for them in the past. Let's hope this is nothing serious.

...this just exasperates the need for the Rangers to solidify their backup goaltender situation as soon as possible.


Jack said...

I'm sure opponents taking unanswered runs at him late in the season didn't help either.

chef dave said...

I mentioned this on the Johnson post as well, but there is no bigger impact player we can sign than a quality back up for Hank. With all of our cap issues, what else are we going to do for 1-2 mil./year? When I think about how good Hank has been down the stretch for us I can only imagine how crazy good he would be with a backup who could get 20 starts.