Monday, June 28, 2010

Rangers Offer for Staal; May Lose Shelley

Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that the Rangers have offered Marc Staal a contract in the range of four years for $14 million.

His agent, Bobby Orr, is seeking substantially more.

...lots of debate on the blog yesterday on how much Staal is worth. I think this is a fair first offer from the Rangers. Not sure that Staal is worth substantially more but I wouldn't be against the final number being four years for $15-15.5 million.

Brooks also reports that the Rangers may be exploring other options than re-signing the popular Jody Shelley who is said to be seeking $1.5 million per.

...$1.5 million is a bit much for Shelley but this looks like Orr all over again. A popular enforcer that makes the team better for some reason not wanted by the Rangers. You think Sather would have learned from the Brashear mistake.

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Gary said...

1.5 is way too much for a 4th line enforcer, who is unproven in regards to an offensive upside. As much as I love Shelley, I'd rather see them give Prust that money and send Shelley on his way.

Chris said...

Im with Gary here... 1.5 is too much. 1mill for shelley would be tops. Give Prust 1.5

Doug said...


AnnoyingJoe said...

losing shelley would be a mistake. Prust is fantastic and scrappy, needs to be signed, but shelley is an effective goon and very well liked by his teammates. Prust and shelley were good together last year, especially towards the end, helped me to miss orr-betts-sjostrom just a little less

Shane said...

Orr-Betts-Sjostrom just may be my favorite 4th line in Ranger history.