Friday, June 25, 2010

Rangers Will Not Be Making Blockbuster Deal

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants reports that Glen Sather will not be involved in a blockbuster deal this offseason because he’s not willing to part with his young talent that the other teams are asking for.

...i'm loving this new Sather. Or is this the old Sather Rangers fans thought they were getting. I know most of it is due to him not being able to spend because of cap space, but he could have easily signed Plekanec for $6 million and then sent Redden down to Hartford in September.

...really excited about the dedication to youth.

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Jack said...

We'll see...

smashmark said...

Why are you so blindly devoted to the "dedication to youth"?

doesn't the youth have to be promising??

just being dedicated to youth, without acknowledging that the youth is severely lacking seems ignorant.

Where is the first line center?

the tough defenseman??

they aren't in the system from what we've seen, nor are they on the ice for the Rangers.

You have to get them somehow or we will be mired in this shit for many years to come.

The dedication to youth also assumes that the organization is selecting amazing talent, and Sather's track record over ten years is abysmal, and there is NO reason to believe that will change anytime soon.

there needs to be a plan and just saying there will be "no blockbuster deal this offseason because he’s not willing to part with his young talent that the other teams are asking for." is just a lame copout and excuse from a detached, uninvolved, washed out, laughing stock GM.

JOHN said...

I like the fact that we are not giving up youth, but why havent we made a serious play on Savard.

It seems like fate we need a playmaking center and they need a defenseman.

I would send Roszival, Gilroy, and a 4th round draft pick to Boston for Savard.

They get Roszival to replace Wideman, they get Gilroy who is fimiliar with Boston and loved by the city-not to mention he is a pretty damn good player, and we get the playmaking center we need.Plus the salaries are right in the same ballpark.

The loss of Gilroy doesnt hurt too bad because of the depth of D in the system.

It seems like a perfect senerio for both teams - Am I missing anything?

Kevin DeLury said...

Smash, not sure it's blind devotion. But I am sick and tired of the Rangers bringing in every free agent and it never working out.

When was the last time the team decided develop home grown talent?

1st line center Stepan or Werek, tough d-men Sauer, McDonough, Valentenko. Stud wingers Kreider, Grachev, Hagelin.

You might want to take another look at the Rangers system.

Plugging holes with free agents is never a good way to run a successful organization.

And you want to talk about being mired in this @hit how about the Rangers bring in Spezza ($7 million per until 2014) or Savard ($4 million+ per until 2015). Yeah no thanks.

Rick said...

Actually I see it as a well done job by our current scouting dept The fact that other teams are constantly looking at our prospects with greedy eyes so to speak is a testament to that fact. The idea that Slats won't trade these up and coming prospects speaks highly of their choices.

Rick said...

@smashmark: I don't think that you can compare present day drafting under Clarks management and compare it to the way things were done prior. Differ philosophies and a new set of eyes in our new scouts seem to have made a very significant improvement. Will all draftees in the 1st and 2nd round pan out? The odds are against that. The draft in 2005 with Crosby and Staal - still 1/2 the 1st rounders have yet to play a full year in the NHL. Its a tough platform to project an 18 year old into what he will become at 21 or 22. But I can see improvement and that is what counts.

LI Joe said...

i want kovalchuk and forbort/merrill don't expect either to happen. kovy only at 8 mm range

john - why would bost do that deal?

smashmark said...

I WAS looking at the system. I know you WANT to believe we have deep talent, but, from what I've seen it doesnt seem to be there, at least not in the near future.

I like how Stepan and McDonough looked in college, but you cant count on that translating into the pros.

Grachev is questionable at best, Valentenko i dont know about, and Kreider is unproven also.

Will any of these guys be ready in the near future?

Im obviously sick of the pathetic overpaid free agent parade also.

But the Rangers, in my view do not have a 1st or 2d line center, or a solid, tough defenseman, either on the team now, or in the near future. Stepan hopefully can fill one of those roles, but who knows when.

In the meantime, you have other pieces like gaborik, lundqvist and staal, aging and tiring from overuse, while waiting for something that may never happen.

In my opinion, you HAVE to fill at least one of those spots thru free agency, NOW, whether its for one year or two year.

there were guys available and there were ways to get it done. I know ill get bashed but both Callahan and Dubinsky were given every opportunity to fill a role and could not. We have Del Zotto and Gilroy, we dont also need Girardi. Make some moves. Do something Sather.

Sather is sitting somewhere far away, doing nothing and saying he is relying on youth. its a cop out.

and Rick, as far as "other teams are constantly looking at our prospects with greedy eyes" to me says more about other teams knowing how desperate we are and what a fool Sather is known as throughout the league, than anything else.

So enjoy another year of the Totalretard broadway line shuffle.

thats all im saying.

LI Joe said...


think you're more right than wrong - unfortunately for us.

athough i hope we're both wrong

Kevin DeLury said...

Smash, you bring up a good point that the Rangers prospects are 3-4 years away and Gaborik, Lundy and others will be at the end of the road. Puts the Rangers in an interesting situation. Do they tell Gaborik and Lundy sorry we're focusing on developing talent over winning? Not sure either of them would like that.

Rick said...

Considering where we have drafted and the decent players that have come out of the draft in recent years I think that the current process is doing just fine.
We are not in the position to be taking top draft choices, the ones that really matter when you are picking from the 10th to 20th spot. What you end up with are players who at best make it to a 2nd line status and most likely a 3rd line player. Dubi and Callahan are good solid picks in their respected draft positions. 20+ goal scorers fall within the top 33% of all forwards on any given year. Thats a 2/3rds majority that can't even score 20. Add to that the intangibles that Callahan and Dubi bring to the team and I have no problem with their progress.
I can't vouche for what the past regime drafted but the current philosophy of drafting for character and skill has done a much better job.
Considering that today with the cap in place there is increasing emphasis to get it right in order to keep the costs within the parameters of the cap era.
The only way to combat the FA market is through competitive drafting which also translates into added time to progress these kids into NHL material. The idea that it has yet to produce sizable results is because we as a team just realized that this is the best way. Slats moved very slow in the realization process.
As with all things it will take time to get this going in the right direction but it is moving towards that end.