Monday, June 28, 2010

McDonagh Talks Future Plans

Andrew Gross tweets...

#NYRangers McDonagh: Del Zotto and Gilroy making team last year is "enticing." But so is earning degree and being captain at Wisconsin.less than a minute ago via web

...i think the trade of Sanguinetti along with the signing of Stepan will be too "enticing" for McDonagh (hey I finally spelled his name correctly) to turn down this year.

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chef dave said...

850k/yr is probably enticing as well.

Kevin DeLury said...

$ trumps all.

Chris said...

You can always go back to college and get a degree later.

Its not like hes someone thats trying to make the decision to risk his education for a 'chance to go pro... he WILL go pro and WILL make $$

chef dave said...

Plus he's a senior. If he wants to finish his degree later it won't be such a mountain.

Just Sign Him, Already!!!