Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Will Sather Finally Be Patient?; Redden Hartford Bound?

Arthur Staple at Newsday was able to sit down with Glen Sather to discuss the Rangers plan this Summer...

"We'll probably be a little more patient than we've been," Sather told Newsday. "I don't feel like we need to do a lot. We could have done a lot the last 10 days, but we chose to keep our kids. We'd like to see how some of these guys can develop."

...if Sather does decide to stay patient it's hard to give him any credit as he'll only be doing it based on the unfavorable cap situation he created. Although this is nice to hear.

One item in Staples column I'm sure Ranger fans will be thrilled about is this...

"There is more room on defense, where Wade Redden is almost certain to be waived and sent to Hartford when training camp ends. 'He's been discussed,' Sather said."

...i know this is only Staples opinion but he must have been told something from someone within the organization to come to this conclusion.

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smashmark said...

God, I HATE reading Glen Sather's quotes, it just inspires such anger.

Just such empty noise with lip service quotes, repeating the same "buzz" words over and over, every interview like a retarded parrot -- wah, keep the kids, keep the kids, wah wah.

Really Glen you dont feel we need to do alot? clearly you didnt follow the team last year.

Fucking jerk

ag_blue said...

What a tease . . .

I'm not counting on being rid of Redden so easily. I understand it's a complex problem embroiled in all the red tape available with NHL contracts. I'm still expecting to be stuck with Redden this upcoming season. I'll need a lot more convincing before I believe we're rid o him in any way. ...And! Hartford (if it's even possible) doesn't really mean being rid of him because we would still suffer a cap hit.

LI Joe said...

no if he's put in hartford AND KEPT THERE there is no cap hit. just real cash but no cap hit