Monday, June 28, 2010

No Similarities Between Dubinsky & Staal Contract Issues

Earlier today, Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy compared the difficult contract negotiations between the Rangers and Brandon Dubinsky last year with the Marc Staal situation this offseason.

However, Larry Brooks, maybe in response to Wyshynski, says there is no such similarity...

No similarity between Dubinsky, Staal talks. NYR hammrred Dubinsky all last summer. This year have made very reasonable 1st offer to Staalless than a minute ago via web

...i'm going to have to agree with Brooks here. A four-year $14 million offer is very reasonable whereas last season the Rangers were basically insulting Dubinsky by signing Callahan so quickly and then offering him one year contracts for between $500,00-$750,00.

...Zipay and Gross are tweeting away at Prospect camp so instead of copying 100 tweets I'll just get you their blog posts when they publish them later today.

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LI Joe said...

callahan had arbitration rights as a guy 1 yr older than dubinsky. dubinsky had zero leverage so i really don't think the 2 situations were comparable. said...

i appriciate the new york rangers blog because its real.