Thursday, June 24, 2010

Late Night Live Chat


chef dave said...

Thanks Kevin, That was cool. Here's my last question: Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto, Gilroy, Redden, Rozival, McDonagh, Sanguinetti, & now maybe Kaberle. Who stays & who goes? (realistically, not emotionally)

Jack said...

Unfortunately I missed the chat but here's a stab at whatever this may or may not be referring to:

In no particular order these guys can go: Girardi Redden Rozival McDonagh Sanguinetti

Kevin DeLury said...

Realistically, Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto, Gilroy, Redden and Rozival stay.

McDonagh & Sanguinetti to Hartford and I don't think the Rangers bring in Kaberle.

ry-man said...

just wanted to leave a message about this... gordie clark did an interview and took fans' questions and he answered one of mine! very happy about it. im the ryan from massapequa one!

also sorry i wasnt there too long on the chat today. i promise next time i'll ask some more questions!