Saturday, June 26, 2010

McIlrath Headlines

Bergen Record - Rangers select bruising defenseman in first round

Bergen Record - Rangers' top draft pick: Dylan McIlrath

New York Post - Intimidating McIlrath taken with 10th pick

Daily News - Rangers draft McIlrath, add toughness at D

Journal News - Team stuns experts with top pick in draft

Newsday - Rangers take rugged defenseman McIlrath

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chris said...

i posted this on june 19th:

chris said...
although the obvious need is a forward, i think Mcilrath is an intriguing pick because he could be a future wall in front of hank, and hes likely going to be there at 10. No way we pick a goalie

June 19, 2010 9:35 PM

LI Joe said...

sanguinetti traded to carolina for 2 picks a 6th this yr and 2nd from wash next yr. see andrews or zips blogs or twitters

Kevin DeLury said...

Nice Chris!!! You're probably the only Ranger fan or so-called expert who called that one.