Sunday, June 27, 2010

Staal Negotiations Stalled; McDonough Not Expected to Go Back to School

As I posted last night, the Rangers and RFA Marc Staal are far apart on contract negotiations. Larry Brooks at the New York Post has this quote from Sather...

"He's a good player, we like him, we want to have him back, he has a long future with us and we want to treat him fairly," Sather said of the first-pair defenseman. "We'd like to have it done, but where it ends up is anyone's imagination."

Sather went on to indirectly say that agents such as Staal's the legendary Bobby Orr are "sometimes not getting it."

Michael Obernauer at the Daily News adds that Staal is looking for bigger money than Brandon Dubinsky's two-year $3.7 million deal.

...unfortunately it sounds like this could drag out the way Dubinsky's negotiations did last year. have to understand Staal's side as he' playing alongside two overpaid, underperforming defensemen and want to be paid accordingly. However Sather has to be smart to as the Rangers cap restraints are always a problem. Hopefully Sather can use some of the additional $2 million the Rangers received with the 5% cap ceiling increase to get this done sooner rather than later.

Brooks also had this quote from Sather on McDonoughs needing to sign with the Rangers especially after the Blueshirts traded Bobby Sanguinetti...

"I don't expect him to go back to school under these circumstances," Sather said. "He's got the opportunity. It seems like a wise move to come out now."

...with Sangs being traded the kid is going to have great opportunity in the organization.

Finally Sather addressed the backup goaltender situation by stating they are looking for someone to reduce Henrik Lundqvist's workload to 64 games and a low price.

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Anonymous said...

McDonagh not McDonough:

Rick said...

We don't have alot of money to spend on goaltending. Nittymaki only made 600K last yr and was 21-18 with TBL .909 sv%. His rep is that when he is on he is good but when he is off-take him out. But asa backup to Henrik he will give you quality starts and can handle the backup situation. Giving Johnson more time in the AHL to grow.