Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zipay Live Chat at 1pm

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes will host his weekly live chat today at 1pm. To participate click here. another guy stealing my thunder. I promise you my live chat will be better than Zipay's. Maybe.

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bpette02 said...

Zipay's taste in music is much better than your's.

icycup said...

you have to pay a monthly fee to the dolans, indirectly to even view zips that kinda puts you one up on him.

Kevin DeLury said...

bpette02, that's why my dad loves his blog so much.

Thanks for the pick-me-up icycup.

Martyd said...

Just in case I am busy at work tonight.

2 questions:

1. what are the odds a rumor of spezza to the rangers for rozy, duby + picks comes through.

2. With most of the higher profile UFA players signing with their teams prior to july 1. Who could be potential targets for the rangers? Kovalchuk? :)

Kevin DeLury said...

Marty, thanks for the questions, I'll make sure to answer them for you tonight.