Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gaborik Wants Changes

BostWorld translates a recent quote from Marian Gaborik in a Slovakian newspaper...

“‘I hope, that management of our club will do something about it. We suffered the consequences of unbalanced performances. If we played during the whole season like in the last month, we would have advanced to the play-offs,’ the feared closer emphasized…”

...not sure the context of the quote, but I hope Gaborik isn't getting unhappy. Sure we all want some change with the team, but it's unusual to see Gaborik so candid about it.

...h/t to @tammys.


Anonymous said...

He came here to win, he has every right to be pissed off with the teams performance and letting guys like redden play even though he can't play at the nhl level anymore. We need to find gabby a true number 1 center, it would change the team. We have Duby, A.A, Drury, Boyle but no true number one.


Kevin DeLury said...

Richie, Agreed that he has every right to speak his mind but I'm surprised to see him so candid about it. Not sure how it will go over with the organization. Although what are they going to do about it? Trade him? Yeah right.