Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Despite Wins Rangers Drop in Power Rankings

ESPN.com drops the Rangers five spots to #22 in their recent power rankings...

22. Rangers - Four games in six days this week, including a pair against Boston. Time to stand up?

While CBS Sports has the Rangers down from #14 to #20...

20. Rangers - Marian Gaborik continues to be a one-man offense for the Rangers. His 27 goals account for 25.6 percent of his team's total, the NHL's highest individual percentage.

The Hockey News and TSN also have their power rankings up.

...i know these rankings were probably done before last night's win vs. Boston, but how can the Rangers drop when they're 6-1-2 in their last nine games?

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rusty said...

Obviously these rankings mean nothing. The only things that count are wins and points. Get enough for 8th place or higher and you go to the dance. If not, you stay at home or play golf. (Saw the Rangers win inperson for the 1st time since Nov 1. Forgot how nice it feels!)