Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sykora on Waivers

TSN reports Minnesota Wild have placed Petr Sykora on waivers, meaning any club can claim the veteran forward prior to Noon et on Wednesday.

The 33-year old has had an injury-riddled season since signing a one-year $1.6 million contract with the Wild as an unrestricted free agent last summer. In 14 games, he has compiled two goals and one assist but has missed a total of 29 games with groin and concussion issues.

If Sykora is not claimed, Minnesota can send him to the minors or place him on re-entry waivers where he could be claimed at half the price of his contract.

Sykora had 16 goals and 15 assists in 40 games with the Rangers during the 2005-2006 season.

...hey why not? The Rangers need offense, he's relatively cheap and is a proven scorer in the league. Thoughts?


Andrew_794 said...

why not, we need scoring and hes only signed for this year...and by the looks of it were gonna be handicapped by sathers horrible signings so we cant get much better at the deadline

Chris said...

I would rather not sign him and keep the team as-is. Let this team continue playing together and become a 'team'. It looks as if things might be heading that way, no need to shake it up.

They wont be winning the cup this year... but with an improve sense of 'team' and maybe a few off-season moves I think this team would be much better off.

By off-season changes I mean ridding ourselves of Brash/Redden somehow. Im indifferent on Drury/Rozi as theyve both been playing better lately, even if not well enough to warrant their contracts.

Hell, if redden can even keep up his intensity that he showed it might be worth giving him a break as well

Scott said...

Don't want him, don't need him. Why bring in an injured over-the-hill geezer? Yeah, we could use some offense, but does that mean Sykora is the answer? No.

The price tag is reasonable for a reason...he is not that valuable. If he wasn't cutting it on the Wild's squad what makes you think he would be a good fit on this team?

...Just because there is a XXXXL t-shirt that says "World's Best Grandma" on the sale rack for a whopping $0.99, doesn't meant its worth spending the money and adding it to your wardrobe...

Andrew_794 said...

all im saying is that hes cheap, and he doesnt cost us anything...and his contracts done after this year, so he would act more as a rental player....it costs us nothing. what else are we gonna do with the little cap space we have? absolutely nothing important. why not take a chance.

Andrew_794 said...

and i like how you point out that if he wasnt fitting with minn, why do we want him here?

pretty sure christensen got here that way, same with averys return.

the coach had said the first 2 lines were playing too well for him to come back in and steal a spot. he also noted hes not effective on the 3rd and 4th lines. did he not just win a cup with the pens?


NYRFan said...

Scott, while I disagree with you I love the analogy.

Scott said...

I agree that we don't have the maneuverability to make an impactful move at the deadline...but I also wouldn't characterize this move as something "important" either.

And a couple of things that deserve pointing out:

Avery is a completely different story. He was here, we was a superb insertion into the line up every night and sparkplug for this team --then he got his payday and left-- but his OFF ICE antics became his undoing in Dallas. Bringing him back at half price was a no-brainer.

Here, I'm analyzing Sykora (as are most I'm sure) based purely on on-the-ice impact with maybe a positive hint of 'leadership' potential.

Also, Christensen was a vet who had bounced around but still had a lot to give. He wasn't beat up and worn down, nor was he injured. He just hadn't gotten his shot.

And that said, bringing in yet ANOTHER guy would only take away a roster spot of a guy like Christensen or Lisin or Anisimov. Sather and Torts aren't getting together and replacing a Voros or a Brashear with a guy like Sykora.

And it is for THOSE reasons that I have no interest in bringing in an unproductive and injured vet mid-season. "We don't have the room to do anything else" isn't a good reason to make this move.

Scott said...

Cmon guys...3 points, 29 missed games because of 2 different injuries...does anyone think this is the answer?

I know its sometimes exciting to add a new guy, especially someone who HAS had success in this league, but this is exciting to talk about and good for banter but that is all it is.

Plain and simple, this wouldn't really make us a better team.

Bogs15 said...

He has to be better than Kotalik

Andrew_794 said...

haha does anyone realize if we hadnt signed kotalik and brashear, we could have resigned both orr and zherdev...

while zherdev wasnt always consistent, no one can argue he would be second on the team in points behind gabby

Andrew_794 said...

what if we got him off re entry waivers for half? not even then? hes got a good shot and was almost a point a game player here, although he was a couple years younger mind you..

Chris said...

I dont really thnk its worth it even a half price. Hes not going to make us a cup contender.

I see no reason to add a player unless we are able to unload an unnecessary one, brash, kotalik, redden... and thats just not happening

Rob Abruzzese said...

I understand why some people don't want him, but I do think that he's better than a lot of options the Rangers already have.

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Derek said...

I'd absolutely love to see the Rangers pick him up. But should they try to wait to get him at half price?

NYRFan said...

Wow who would have thought Sykora would be such a good conversation piece.