Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What to do with Redden

Spector over at Fox Sports looks at the options the Rangers have to get Wade Redden's salary off the books...

"They could buy him out at season's end but the buyout formula would result in an expensive cap hit of just over $1.916 million per season for the first two years, just over $3.416 million per season in years 3 and 4, followed by four more years at just over $1.916 million."

Spector adds that the Rangers could also send Redden down to Hartford meaning they'd still have to pay his salary but it wouldn't count against the remainder of their salary cap for this season, thus freeing up cap room to perhaps add another player or two via trades.

However, Spector says if demoting Redden was an option the Rangers would have done it already.

...let's hope that Redden's emotional performance against the Canadiens Sunday night jump starts his season.

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