Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fire Sather Rally March 7th

Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy reports on a Fire Sather Rally which is scheduled for March 7th before the Rangers-Sabres game, from 5-6pm, on the 33rd Street side of Seventh Ave., in front of a Borders book store.

The rally has be coordinated by Mike Zippo, who has even created a Facebook page to promote the cause.

Wyshynski was able to sit down with Zippo to discuss the rally. Here is an exerpt...

How is the "Fire Sather" rally progressing?
It's grown a little bit in the last couple of days.
When I started the event on Facebook, I sent out 100 invitations. The first night we had it, we got mentioned on [the Blueshirt Banter] Internet radio show right away. Last night, it was mentioned on [ESPN] 1050 AM at about 11:45 p.m., which is actually the radio home for the Rangers.

I think it's just going to keep growing.

...while I love the spirit by Zippo, this rally isn't going to mean a hill of beans to the Dolans. The only real way to send a message would be to stage a "Fire Sather" sitout where you pick an upcoming game and try to convince every ticket holder for that game to stay home. Then you'll hit the Dolan's where it hurts. In the wallet.

...having said that, I'm encouraging all my readers to attend the rally and show your support of firing Sather.


Chris said...

If I lived closer, I'd be there.

Lauren said...

Actually, if every ticketholder stayed home it wouldn't matter much because the tickets were still sold. Someone would have to get people to not buy tickets at all for a game to make a statement. But that wont happen because half the place are season ticket holders which they already have the money from.

NYRFan said...

Good point. But they'd still lose a lot in consessions and merchandise.

Anonymous said...

for people who cant make it.. heres a petition you can sign to support the cause