Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Thought Entitlement Was Over?

Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report takes a look back at John Tortorella's "enough with the entitlement" quote after the Rangers dreadful 2-1 loss to the Islanders back in December and wonders...

" When, exactly, does the entitlement run out for people not named Redden and Kotalik?"

...great point by Carp. Like I said last night, is benching Redden for half the game really sending a message? How about sitting Callahan, Drury or Higgins? And don't get me started on Girardi whose non-action in the Gaborik fight should have been an automatic seat in the press box.

...this shows that nothing has changed and Torts is all talk. He says he's going to change the culture, but nothing is different. Half-assed efforts are common place and over-paid veterans have an automatic spot in the line-up no matter how ineffective.

...something I forgot to mention in my post game comments last night was how about reuniting the Dubinsky-Christensen-Gaborik line? Does anyone remember how prolific that line was before Torts broke them up when Prospal came back from injury? It's no coincidence that the Rangers goal scoring has suffered since that line was disbanded.


Anonymous said...

How could you want to sit Callahan? Hes one of the only guys who tries night in and night out and puts fourth a good effort. He hits, he crashes the net, he should be wearing the C, not Drury

NYRFan said...

I feel like, with the exception of the last game, he's been invisible lately.

Do other players need to be benched before Callahan absolutely, but I'm thinking more along the lines of sending a real message.

Hopefully giving the team the mindset that if Torts is benching a player that normally gives 100% what is he going to do to me?