Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drury Needs to Remain Captain

With the ever increasing calls from Ranger fans for the Blueshirts to strip Chris Drury of the captaincy, Joe Fortunato at Blueshirt Banter gives his reasons why Drury should remain captain...

"And what is truly regretful about this particular situation is that Drury leads every game. Drury is among the top players in the NHL in blocked shots. How many players on the Rangers throw themselves--face first--into an opposing slap shot? There is only one other that I can think of and that player is Ryan Callahan (who, by the way, many of you classify as a leader of this team). Drury does everything he can to keep the penalty kill above water, he does everything he can to score goals (even though he isn't) but most importantly he cares. You tell me the last time Drury has taken a shift off? He might be invisible some games, you might not notice him, but he never was a game-breaker and he never was flashy."

Fortunato also asks who would replace Drury adding that Sean Avery would be a bad candidate.

...this is no knock on Drury as like Fortunato says he never takes a shifft off, but too many other players do. This is where a captain needs to earn his 'C' by setting those players straight. And right now, as far as I can see, Drury is not doing this. And if he is, those players aren't listening which is even worse.

...while I agree with Fortunato that Avery would not be a good candidate for the 'C'. He egregiously leaves out Marian Gaborik. This guy has been everything and more since becoming a Ranger. He battles in front of the net, he's not afraid to do the dirty work in the corners and finally as seen in his fight against Carcillo he's willing to take on even the toughest opponent. I wouldn't make the change this season, but based on the Carcillo incident alone I'd like to see the Rangers transition this off-season to giving Gaborik the 'C' for next year.


mike said...

I disagree with Gaborik as Captain: I truly feel it needs to go to Dubinsky. Young, hungry, shows he doesn't take crap from anyone, and seems to have a great work ethic. He's the type of player that can back what he says, and that is leadership.

William said...

The captain situation is truly troubling right now. Whether or not Drury is giving 100% every shift doesn't really matter, at all. Maybe he is first team NHL All-Effort, but the fact is he's a step behind on nearly every play, and he's only diving to block shots because he's ineffective otherwise. He is a mediocre 3rd line center, and nothing about his game right now speaks passion. Also, blocking shots can have adverse unintended consequences, as we saw Monday with Malkin's goal deflecting off Drury's fatass into the upper right corner (a fact missed by the Rangers inept commentators - but what do you expect?, Captain America is routinely let off the hook).

Although his game has certainly slipped of late, Gaborik, a world class player in his prime, should be a candidate for the captain; if not this year, then next. Also, I would rather see Duby with the A than Callahan.

I tend to place some importance on +/- and that doesn't support Drury's case as an all-around player w defensive merit. he hasn't had a positive +/- since arriving in NY. One more thing: Callahan is often too busy trying to throw one of his meaningless afterthought checks to be in the play. If he would just tone that kind of aimless aggression down sometimes and anticipate the play, he'd better off.


I disagree with Mike. Dubinsky is a fan favorite but he's not a leader.

I'd rather trade dubinsky than make him C.