Monday, January 25, 2010

Lundy to Get Rangers In Playoffs, But Not For Long

Jay Feaster at The Hockey News says with Buffalo, New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Washington assured to make the playoffs the final four spots will be determined by goaltending...

New York Rangers: The Blueshirts have the best goalie of the playoff wannabes, hands down. However, the Rangers risk overworking their starter, as King Henrik rarely gets a breather and will be relied on heavily by Sweden in Vancouver next month. The Rangers will make the dance, but exit early.'s like Groundhog Day for Rangers fans thinking about another early exit from the playoffs. its been since Lundqvist became the starter, the Rangers will only go as far as their netminder will take them.


Rob Abruzzese said...

Unfortunately, this is an accurate representation of what my expectations were from the start of the season. I was hoping I would be wrong, but so far I think Lundqvist has been heavily leaned on and the Olympics aren't going to help him.

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Juston said...

Couldn't agree more, another hard fought 1st round exit seems to be in the cards for the Rangers. Still hoping that Sather can work some magic (a-la Gomez deal) to loosen up the cap belt.