Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rangers Expected to Be Interested Kovalchuk

Steve Zipay at Newsday expands on his blog post yesterday by stating that if Ilya Kovalchuk is available the Rangers are expected to be interested.

Zipay adds that Atlanta will most likely command Brandon Dubinsky, either Chris Higgins or Ales Kotalik, a prospect such as Bobby Sanguinetti and maybe a No. 2 pick. The Flyers, Bruins, Canucks, Flames, Kings and Blackhawks could put together even more attractive packages.

On the monetary aspect Zipay says...

"To rent Kovalchuk, the Rangers, who are owned by Cablevision, which also owns Newsday, would have to clear about $3 million in cap space. A long-term deal, presumably worth $8 million or more per year, could wait until July, when a decision on moving Wade Redden or Michal Rozsival would have to be made."

Finally Zipay says Kovalchuk will help in numerous areas including scoring, ticket sales and appeasing the fans.

...if the Rangers aren't willing to part with Dubinsky (the only real loss in the deal) they could clear some cap space at the trade deadline (Kotalik, Voros & Rozsival), wait till the offseason to see if they can do anything with Redden and make Kovalchuk a big offer.


Jack said...

Bring it on! I'd get rid of Dubie and and Co. if it meant a long term deal with K-Chuck. Dude is a MONSTER and plays with more passion than most of the current Rangers...and he's on ATLANTA.

chris said...

NO! wait till the end of the season and then dump all the dead weight and start from scratch. If he's still available pick him up long term.

We would give up too much now just to rent him for a playoff push where - even if we made the 1st round - we would fail miserably anyway.

R said...

GET KOVALCHUK !!! don't wait . This is a no brainer...The moment he becomes available the Rangers need to make him the best offer. How can you let a player like that get away. Dubby or anyone else will never be the player Kovalchuk is. He is arguably better than Gaborik. Cab you imagine having Gaborik and kovalchuk on the same team. WOW !! Too good to be true. Chris YOU ARE AN IDIOT !!! you think they should wait and risk letting him slip away. U r nuts dude !!!

Brian said...

Kovalchuk would help ticket sales? I'm pretty sure that ticket sales does not need any help, since they have gone up about 20% over the last 2 years, they are sold out of season tickets and once again there is a wait list for the 300 & 400 levels.