Saturday, January 23, 2010

Same Lineup; Kotalik Not the Type of Player to Request Trade

Steve Zipay, via Twitter, is reporting every Ranger player was on the ice for this morning's pregame practice and that it is likely to be the same line-up for the fourth straight game tonight.

...thought we might see Brashear for obvious reasons, but Montreal just bought out their only enforcer and Ranger/Canadien games in Montreal are usually a high scoring affair. So this makes sense.

While Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants responds to the rumor that Ales Kotalik has requested a trade...

"Also want to check in with Ales Kotalik. Some internet rumblings now that he’s looking to get out. I asked him that question point-blank the other week, when he was first scratched as to whether he would seek a trade or an exit from the Rangers and his direct quote was, “That’s not me,” meaning, he wasn’t the type of player who would try to force a transaction."

...while Kotalik has disappointed of late if he can regain whatever it was he had going early in the year he can still be an important player for the Rangers.

...not sure if I'll have time for a game preview tonight, but "ll try my best.

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