Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Torts a Good Communicator

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has numerous quotes from Erik Christensen on being scratched from the line-up yesterday and most likely tomorrow...

“That second goal in Montreal was my mistake and I’m paying for it,” Christensen said of Mike Cammalleri’s first goal. “I don’t have as long a leash as everybody else.”

On John Tortorella's message to him that his absence from the line-up won't be forever...

“He’s a pretty good communicator,” Christensen said. “He’s definitely edgy and he has a temper.”

Citing Torts' dust up with Larry Brooks and the three question press conference last night, Jess Rubenstein at The Prospect Park disagrees with the good communicator comment.

...to me Torts post game antics and timeout tirades are just side show acts. What concerns me is his inability to get this team to compete on a consistent basis. Until this team makes a real dramatic move (ie Redden to Hartford, sit Callahan or strip Drury of the captaincy) I don't see anything changing. Good enough to keep us interested, but not nearly good enough to make a serious run in the playoffs.


James said...

This has nothing to do with this post about Torts, but check this out:


Apparently Newsday, owned by the Dolans, has 35 people who subscribe online since they went behind a pay wall. This doesn't include people who already have access as part of their Cablevision subscription. But still! 35 f***ing people?! Great business move, Dolans. I laughed out loud until I remembered the Dolans also run the Rangers. Ugh.

Poor Steve Zipay...

Adam said...

I agree with the drury and cally move
But You forgot to get rid of Torts also.

favorite line last night
Callahan - Drury - Brashear

What is that a Joke TORTaleeni?