Monday, January 25, 2010

Brashear In, Christensen Out

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes and Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants report that Donal d Brashear will return to the lineup tonight against the Penguins with Erik Christensen headed to the press box.

Zipay adds that Tortorella didn't detail why Christensen is out, simply saying he hasn't been "dead-on" and that he wants Brashear in.

...something had to be done. Not sure this is it. But at least it's something.

Chad Johnson is back from Hartford.

Finally, Gross has this quote from Marc Staal on the Rangers problems...

“I think we’re competing hard,” Staal said. “Mentally, we’re just making mistakes and losing coverage. Maybe that’s a part of getting ready mentally. But we had a good start at Montreal, we were flying all over the place. You just don’t lose that will to win.”

...if making mistakes is part of getting ready mentally the Rangers should be the most mentally prepared team in the league instead of the least.


fleisch said...

If stall think "competing hard" is back to back shutouts and what looks like to the fans as a non effort...then things are worse then I thought

Juston said...

The Rangers did look good in the first part of the Montreal game, Halak made some nice saves, Gabby missed an empty net on a rolling puck and Higgins hit the post in the 1st. Sadly after that it did go downhill drastically. Not sure sitting Christensen and starting Brash is the answer though.