Sunday, January 24, 2010

Panthers Interested in Kotalik

Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun reports that the Florida Panthers have shown interest in Ales Kotalik.

Spector over at Spector's Hockey says with Nathan Horton out with a broken leg the Panthers are in need of scoring help.

...Garrioch is 0 for the season on trade rumors so take this with a grain of salt.

...although, if the Panthers are interested I'd trade him for a bag of pucks right now just to get his $3 million per salary off the rolls.


Jack said...

Sean Avery:

"We do not play hard enough...I don't have the explanation for it. I don't know if it's us not holding each other accountable, or what, but it's a total lack of respect for our fans and the organization. It's a joke."

Juston said...

Sending Kotalik to the Panthers for nothing would be great to get that cash off the cap but the Panthers are pretty much in the same situation, they wouldn't be able to take him on without moving money back to us.
How about getting Dvorak (1.7 hit next year) or Moore (UFA next year) I'm no cap expert but I think that works for the Panthers. Neither of those guys coming back to the Rangers is going to set the place on fire but it would give us a little more breathing room, especially Moore who would be off the book at the end of the season.

Andrew_794 said...

take him, please...who cars what we get in return...

@ jack... avery should be wearing the C. look at what he says, he knows how lucky he is to be a ranger. hes the only one who stands up and says it how it is.