Friday, January 22, 2010

Licking His Chops & Third Man In

Here's Dan Carcillo's quote on his fight with Gaborik...

“I didn’t really expect to fight who I fought, but it kind of worked out,” Carcillo said. “I don’t know who on that line would have been able to help him though. I wasn’t expecting him to drop his gloves, but when he did, I pretty much was licking my chops.”

...Sunday, March 14th will be Brashear's opportunity to make up for everything gone wrong this season. If I see a thorough beatdown of this guy I will stop all criticisims of Brash.

One issue brough up in the post game presser was that no Ranger jumped in to protect Gaborik. Here is Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants feelings...

"Tortorella would not address whether he thought his players should have stepped in immediately but several players did say that was addressed quickly and that, if a situation like this ever arises again, Tortorella expects somebody else to step in so Gaborik is not taking punches. It’s a fine line with the instigator rule. I was probably a little too hard on Dan Girardi in my early game story because Girardi is in a jam there, standing less than a foot away as Carcillo is punching away at Gaborik. It’s still a 1-0 game with two points on the line that literally could decide whether the Rangers make the playoffs or not. If Girardi gets involved he’s done and the Rangers play the rest of the way with five defensemen.It’s a split-second decision for Girardi, step in or not. Plus, the fight was over quickly. Turns out, the right move there would have been to take the instigator penalty and protect Gaborik, but that’s a lot to process for Girardi in those few seconds."

...i'm sorry nothing to process there. You see someone pounding on your best player and you jump in. Very easy.


-DO said...

I think it's unanimous. Even if you jump in and cost the team the game, and possibly the playoffs, you are remembered as that guy who cost the game sticking up for the team's star. Instead, you're remembered as the guy who stood 2 feet away watching a goon pound on your (injury-risk) star. Easy choice. Not much to process.

If he doesn't at least get benched for this, I'm going to be sick. Judging by the way Torts responded, sick it is!

S.S. DuBois said...

we were out bullied and out played it doesn't get worse than that.

Someone...anyone... should have gone over there during that fight and ponded carcilo you dont even consider the ejection you just do it.