Monday, January 25, 2010

Penguins 4, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers (24-22-7) lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins (33-20-1) by the score of 4-2, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...let's see, the Pens played yesterday; Guerin, Talbot and Goligoski are all out; and they pretty much play the entire game with only 11 forwards. Talk about not taking advantage.

...guess I shouldn't complain at least they scored a couple tonight.

...nice to see Anisimov remembered where the net was. 17 games without a point is a long time. may be time to get Kotalik back on the point on the power play because it is putrid right now and the reason why the Blueshirts lost tonight.

...not only is Gaborik not scoring he's also shanking passes and taking penalties. Not a good combination. I'm assuming the guy's pressing knowing he's the only one on the team who can score.

...i hate to criticize Lundqvist when the Rangers are only scoring one goal a night, but he's got to make some of those saves.

...only three shots on goal for the Rangers defensemen tonight. Letang had three by himself for the Pens. tomorrow then the lowly Hurricanes invade MSG.


JoeR said...

This team is just good enough to keep you watching but not good enough to win tight games. They always manage to find a way to break your heart. How many of these losses can a team and its fans take before they become bitter and apathetic?

Anonymous said...

Just read the body language from Tort's post game interview. I think this will be the first time ever we see a coach just quit. This team is frustrating and every year I wind up take more Prozac then ever.

Screw this 50 years (except 94) of the SOS.

Jack said...

Heartbreaking indeed.

Jeff said...

They need to clean some lines up.First off, put Higgins in the center of Gaborik and Prospal. And someone please show Staal how to defend his own end? Why is Brashear still playing? He's not keeping up, he's like Redden on a bad night, even some good nights.The best anchor they have for the power-play, in my opinion, could be Del Zotto. Instead, they have Drury for a face-off, then skating to the point. Seriously. That brings me to Anisimov.This guy keeps playing like this, and good things will happen.It's good to see heads popping up out of the huddle and start taking control of this team.This team needs a leader.If you have strong coaching, and strong goaltending,you have half the battle. It's up to your captain tolead the rest of the players on the ice. He's the guy who enforces the coaches system, and makes sure that every player is on the same page.A captain that leads by example, and unfortunately Drury does not fit that bill right now. That is the Rangers problem. You can see it a mile away.