Friday, January 29, 2010

Sather: Rangers Still In It

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes was able to speak with Glen Sather, who's with the Rangers on their road trop, about whether the he thinks his team is still in the playoff hunt...

"Why wouldn't I? Just about the only team that's out of it is Edmonton," Sather said. "The East is so tight. The Isles lost last night, Philly lost. Everybody thinks they are in it...It's good for the league and the fans, not always for some teams. It's tougher than it's been."

...of course the Rangers are still in the playoff hunt. With three point games, every team is in the playoff hunt until the beginning of March.

...unfortunately, this sometimes gives a team a false sense of how good they are (see the Rangers this year) and instead of making the smart move of selling their dead weight to desperate teams at the deadline they become one of those desperate teams.

Zipay adds that Sather and a contingent of Ranger officials scouted last night's Flames-Coyotes game.

...last week the Flames were scouting the Rangers, now the Blueshirts are returning the favor. Hmmmm. Phaneuf anyone?

Zipay also spoke with Enver Lisin on his return to Phoenix.


Adam said...

Whoa sather ...hold your horses
once we get to the playoffs...if we do
then what do we do?
were just gonna be bumped out in the first or second round like every year i had way more faith in last years team

brian said...

phaneuf would fit right at home with avery....