Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rangers to Be Buyers After Olympics

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes feels that, barring a major collapse, the Rangers will be buyers after the Olympics.

Zipay says that besides Ilya Kovalchuk there really isn't a "difference maker" available. And adds if the Rangers are interested in Kovalchuk it would most likely cost Brandon Dubinsky, Bobby Sanguinetti, and a No. 2 pick.

...Dubinsky would be a tough loss but if the Rangers can somehow make the numbers work I think you have to pull the triger on a trade to bring in one of the best players in the league.

...however, if the Rangers can't make something work with Kovalchuk, I would like to see them become sellers. I think they could get some good value for Prospal who is a cheap veteran that a young team like the Kings or Senators may be interested in for a playoff push and beyond (See Guerin to the Pens last year). Other players I'd like to see moved that could bring back value are Girardi and Kotalik.

Zipay will be hosting his weekly live webchat today at 1 p.m.


Rob Abruzzese said...

I just can't see how the numbers could work. I wouldn't get your hopes up. Maybe if they hadn't signed both Brashear and Kotalik to multi-year deals.

Bronx Baseball Daily

NYRFan said...

I hear ya. The Rangers would have to be real creative.

S.S. DuBois said...

A band aid for a larger problem and for what? - just to make the playoffs and get bounced in the first round...AGAIN. Sick of this kind of rental - we've been doing this for years and it hasn;t produced more than a first round entry.

Do we really want to lose Dubinski for a 3 month rental?

Chris said...

Rangers must be sellers at deadline.

Do what they can to get rid of Rozi/Redden/Kotalik/Brash. Other players that can be dealt, Girardi/Higgins.

Say goodbye to the playoffs this season and truly rebuild

... who am I kidding. Spend wildly to get Kovy and throw away more of our future for a 1st round exit. Thats the Ranger way!

Andrew_794 said...

geez whens the last time we were sellers at the deadline? not sure what year it was but it was back when we traded leetch to the leafs, kovalev to the habs (I THINK) i think its time to be sellers but of course we are aiming for playoffs

theking said...

DuBois what do you see in Dubinsky that is worth keeping? He has been in the league long enough that you shouold know he will never be an elite player. It is obvious he just doesnt have the skills. He is not a first line center. He will never be better than the way he is playing now. He was given his chance. If we have to get rid of him to get Kovy I am all for it even if its a quick fix. I would love to see Kovy playing for the Rangers. Now he is exciting to watch more so than Gaborik. I love how people talk about Dubi and Cally like they are great young players that are going to blossom into elite players, and are to valuable to give up. #1 they are not that young anymore and #2 they have already blossomed. What we have seen from them this season is what we will always get which is inconsistency.