Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Defenseman Off the Market

TSN reports that the Calgary Flames have traded defenseman Dion Phaneuf to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

...with the Flames scouting the Rangers recently I thought the Blueshirts may be in the mix for Phaneuf, but Calgary officials must have come to their senses and said why would we want anyone from this terrible team.

...with Souray going down with a broken hand there are going to be slim pickings if the Rangers are interested in upgrading their defense at the trade deadline.

ESPN reports that the Maple Leafs have also acquired goaltender Jean-Sebastien Giguere from the Ducks.


Juston said...

Not sure if I really would have wanted him in NY anyway.

Adam said...

it would be awkward with him and avery

Andrew_794 said...

awkward? lol these guys make millions of dollars a year, im sure they would buy the hatchet...

and i read in the toronto sun today that this is rumoured to be sathers last year as gm and will only remain as presdient with mention of messier taking over as gm, anyone hear of this? maybe mess will have the balls to bury redden and rosi

Juston said...

Seeing the Leafs at least try to improve their roster (they still don't have anyone to put the puck in the net) just aggravates me even more when I look at the Rangers. If Sather could make a couple of moves to get a couple of younger guys. And still be competitive in the playoff race.
With Upshall out in Phx, how about trying to send Prospal out there for Peter Mueller or something.