Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kotalik Denies Trade Request

Ales Kotalik told both Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants and Steve Zipay at Blue Notes that the rumors of him asking for a trade were false...

“Why would I?” Kotalik said. “I wouldn’t hurt the team. This is the situation. I’m just trying to be a good teammate and support the guys.”

The rumor had started because supposedly Kotalik's agent had canceled a March autograph session and said he was seeking a trade. However to further debunk this rumor the Rangers confirmed that there is a March 1 cutoff for such publicity sessions, something common around the NHL. I said yesterday the guys over at Blueshirt Banter do an outstanding job, but you have to wonder if they should have confirmed things before posting this rumor.

Gross and Zipay also have quotes before last night's game from Donald Brashear on the Gaborik/Carcillo incident. During his quotes Brash actually takes a shot at ex-Ranger Colton Orr.

...don't even go there Brash. You've already made yourself look bad with your play on the ice don't make it worse by criticizing someone who's jock you couldn't hold right now.

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