Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flyers 2, Rangers 0

The New York Rangers (24-20-7) lost to the Philadelphia Flyers (25-21-3) by the score of 2-0, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and to say this is the angriest I've been after a game in awhile. I'll try to keep my emotions in check while I compile my thoughts on the game.

...tonight was a big test for the Rangers and they failed miserably. They had no answer for the Flyers physical game and were run out of the building.

...and the person I blame for everything that went down in the second period is Glen Sather. By not re-signing Colton Orr the Rangers have no intimidating presence in the line-up which allows a physical team like the Flyers to pound them up and down the ice. I can promise you that if Orr's in the line-up Carcillo doesn't come near Gaborik.

...not that he had any before tonight but I'm sure Carcillo lost a lot of respect around the league.

...speaking of losing some respect. I lost a little for Girardi as he just sat there and watched Gaborik take a beating. Unstead of doing this. biggest disappointment of the night is that the Rangers didn't use the Gaborik fight as a rallying cry to step-up their game. Sure they got into a few scraps afterward, but they didn't toughen up. No forecheck, no hitting, nothing.

...was Callahan a healthy scratch tonight?

...i guess the Rangers scoring barrage the last few games was more of a mirage.

...the Rangers need to lick their wounds quickly as they're back at it Saturday night in Montreal.


JoeR said...

I hear you - I'm furious too. No immediate support for Gaborik while he's getting hammered by the mutant rat Carcillo - it's not sitting well with me at all. And to get outplayed on top of that by these creeps. That's 6 straight periods shut out by these mummies. Very tough to take.

Andrew_794 said...

why we signed a 37 year old enforcer for more money then orr, who i believe is only 27 is beyond me. sather makes some horrible moves...i still hate him for giving up tyutin for zherdev, then letting zherdev walk for less then what we signed kotalik for...if we had tyutin then redden wouldnt have been signed, and we wouldnt be in the cap hell were in right now.

what line up could we have now?

prospal dubi gabby
callahan drury zherdev
avery anisimov lisin
orr boyle voros

staal tyutin
rosival del zotto
girardi gilroy

those probably wouldnt be the line combos but say what you will, its better then what we have now, and our cap hit would would be a couple million less without redden.

Andrew_794 said...

i guess we wouldnt have both zherev and bad, but still...

David said...

Bottom line here ... trade for Laraque, cut Brashear, move on and wait for the next Philly game.
Yes, Girardi stood there, but so did 3 other players fail to jump in.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more about the Orr thing.

Orr was the perfect enforcer, he knew where and when to take action.

He always stepped up for flyer games, which is exactly where he was needed.

without him and with that usless lumbering piece of shit brashear, who wasnt even dressed, the Rangers had no asnwer for the flyers, they came in hard and gooned us right out of the building, like they used to do in the 70s.
Sather is so clueless

benhamine said...

Not sure I totally agree with previous comments, I think I remember Avery handling Carcillo pretty well, and Voros always holds his own. Obviously these guys aren't Orr, but both of them laid a beating on their opponents when it mattered. No need to waste limited space getting a replacement for worthless Brashear with Voros and Avery there.

Jack said...

Girardi is pretty much heartless. We knew that. He's a solid d-man but that doesn't give him heart or aggression. Too many times we've seen Hank run and him do nothing... a "Broad Street" bully went after "Glass Gaborik" and nothing was done. OOoookkk....