Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canadiens 6, Rangers 0

The New York Rangers (24-21-7) lost to the Montreal Canadiens (25-23-5) by the score of 6-0, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...the Rangers 'House of Horrors' continues in Montreal with another offensively challenged effort. You know things are bad when Matt Zaba is the best player on the ice for your team.

...i don't even care anymore that they had numerous scoring opportunities. Someone put the puck in the net!!!

...absolutely shameful officiating takes two power plays away from the Rangers and directly leads to Canadiens goals.

...bad night for Ranger defensemen as Rozsival gets out muscled by Gomez on the first goal, Del Zotto with a bad giveaway at the blueline and Girardi whiffing on the icing. Tough last two games for Girardi.

...the Rangers might want to think about putting someone on Cammallari the next time they face the Canadiens. Six goals in three games.

...on effort alone Voros deserves to be in the line-up for the rest of the season.

...Lundqvist isn't allowed to play in Montreal anymore. tell you the truth, I have no idea what this team can do right now to turn things around. Make a trade, bring up Grachev, re-insert Kotalik & Brashear, ride it out. Something has to happen to shake things up. Because what's been done (ie benchings) just isn't working.

...what was up with the "Na Na Na Good Bye" chant by the Montreal crowd? I thought that was only for when your team was about to eliminate someone from the playoffs. Pretty stupid in my opinion. tomorrow then defending Stanley Cup Champions in town. Just what this team needs.


Adam said...

Two words
Dee Fence

Start over rangers

Jack said...

Montreal fans can chant that because they're not too busy cheering for "Sanchez" and "the Jets" like "Rangers fans" were doing a week ago today (Sunday).

damir said...

Flu, soar throat, fever, and feeling like I'm going to die but U stayed up from midnight to 3AM to watch them, again!

After the Carcillo vs Gabby "fight" our nr 10 just hasn't been the same. Anyone else noticed this? He took a bad slashing penalty in the Philly game and the interference call last night was just lazy. I don't think he has had the "blitz" in his strides in the past two games. It's like something happened to him.

The team needs re-building and that's it. We gotta goalie and four d-men for the future. Get rid of the Albatross twins and (sorry) Dru and do whatever possible to pursue Eric Staal.

Try getting kovalchuk in the summer just to be able to deal him or Gabby for E. Staal.

Kotalik ended up being just another "Sather" deal. I think the guy must be having a secret affair with the owner to still be a GM. Or... he made a deal with the devil...