Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lack of Scoring a Burden on Gaborik

John Tortorella tells Marc Herrmann at Blue Notes that he's not worried about Marian Gaborik's recent scoring woes...

"It has affected a lot of his game, but one thing I’ll tell you about him, I know he cares. I’ve had a couple meetings with him along the way here, through all this. He knows where he’s at. He knows what he means to the club. He certainly doesn’t hide from some of the deficiencies in his game, and he’ll correct them. He’ll be a big part of this, as far as us trying to find a way. He cares. That’s what I rest on, even through the struggle he’s had for a while here."

...one thing Rangers fans definitely shouldn't worry about is his commitment to winning. Unfortunately, with the Rangers inability to score this season you can tell he's putting way too much pressure on himself to carry the team.

...what Gaborik needs to get out of this scoring slump is for his teammates to start scoring and take the burden off his shoulders.

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