Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank You

A year ago, I decided to turn the lights off at The New York Rangers Blog for the month of August.

However, this year, after much reflection, I've decided to keep the store open during this mostly quite month. You see, earlier this year I was definitely burning out on doing the blog and had thoughts of shutting it down after the season. Especially after the birth of my second daughter and increased responsibilities at work (yes I actually do work).

But then something happened. I started to get my second wind around draft time and when free agency opened I was raring to go. The final piece of the puzzle was that for the second year in a row July became the most visited month at The New York Rangers Blog. Last year it was 6,5oo unique viewers. This year 27, 500. That's a 350% increase in viewership!!! If that can't motivate me to keep going nothing will.

And for that I must thank my readers. I don't have the benefit of being part of a blog network or a beat writer with built-in readership. Without you guys and girls spreading the word and continuing to visit, I probably would have quit a long time ago. I'd also like to thank my fellow Ranger bloggers who have set links to this site.

As I've stated in the past, when I first started this thing I was lucky if I could get five hits a day. Now, I'm averaging almost 900 and had Greg Wyshynski, who hosts by far the best hockey blog on the net, Puck Daddy, call The New York Rangers Blog "Essential Blogging" in his Rangers/Capitals playoff preview.

So, when you need your Ranger fix during the month of August make sure you continue to visit The New York Rangers Blog. I'll leave the light on for you. Oh yeah, and one last thing. LET'S GO RANGERS!!!


J. DiMaggio said...

You mesh all the blogs so picked up another viewer this new favorite blog, keep up the good work man, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

awesome blog. i visit at least 5 times a day to get up to the minute updates. It's definitely on my favorites list and I'll keep coming back as long as you keep blogging. great stuff. and thanks for all the hard work

Benny said...

and that doesn't count all the rss subscribers! your blog is my only source for rangers info. don't know what i'd do without it :) keep up the awesome work!


Thanks for your hard work! I check this blog 4 times a day.

This is the best blog out there because you consolidate all the news into one place.

Sometimes, I just read your blue comments at the end.

Keep it up!

Jake said...

over the past year i've gone from reading the articles you post to just reading your blue-fonted opinions, because i know i'm going to agree with what you say about 100 percent of the time.
this blog has been so up to date and on target, i dont even remember when the last time was i had to check the rangers' own website or, for that fact, anyone else's for ranger updates.
thanks for your hard work and dedication

Parvez said...

HockeyRiz said...

Best blog ever....Although it is a slow time of the year for Rangers hockey I still look at your blog at least 5 times a day in anticipation of maybe that break-out story about the Rangers. Keep up the good work.

MECONIUM said...

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

really thanks for your hard work !!!

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